Thursday, July 12, 2007


Spirit sez... We know we haff not been furry good bloggers lately.

Ezra sez... So to makeup for it we are using this Thursday Thurteen to make up for it.

Spirit sez... We are posting 13 new pictures uff us!!

Ezra sez... So wiffout furrrthur ado...

1. Spirit sez... This is me playing on top uff our new scratchy post!
2. Ezra sez... This is my sissyfur being a glamour puss.
3. Spirit sez... This is me thinkin 'bout pouncing on Ezzy.

4. Ezra sez... This is Spirit. She can be such a toy hog.

5. Spirit sez... This is me in my pink house.

6. Ezra sez... This is me! I wanted to try out the pink house too!

7. Spirit sez... This is my annoying brofurr trying to put the bitey on me.

8. Ezra sez... This is me again. My momma sez we are spoiled rotten. What do you fink?

9. Spirit sez... This is a pickture uff me being cute. This is why Momma calls me Sweet Spirit Ann.

10. Ezra sez... This is a pickture of me putting the bitey on a vicious fevver ball!

11. Spirit sez... This is Ezzy hanging out in our Kitty Condo.

12. Ezzy sez... This is me jumping from the Kitty Condo to the dresser.

13. Spirit sez... OK. I admit it. He can be kinda cute sometimes!

14. Ezra sez... Here's a bonus pickture. This is our very own Fishie!!!! Momma got him for us. His name is not Geroge. His name is Sushi.

Spirit sez... We are not allowed to eat him though.

Ezra sez... We hope efurryone haz a great weekend!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Oh My Goodness!!

Spirit sez... Imagine how surrrrpised we were to check the bloggies today and see our good furriend Karen Jo ( had written Limericks for us!!

Ezra sez... It is so exciting. Mine is all about how I luff to play in my Blankie Fort and Spirit's is about how her luv for the fevver wand.

Spirit sez... Karen Jo even mentioned how I can jumps 3 feets in the air the catch the fevvers!

Ezra sez... Thank you so much for our wonderful limericks Karen Jo!!

Spirit sez... Momma promises to haff new picktures uff us soon.