Monday, February 18, 2008


Spirit sez... Ok, Momma is so excited, she decided to let have a mini contest!

Ezra sez... First off, why is Momma so excited? Well, her favorite driver Ryan Newman won the big racie.

Spirit sez... Secondly, BEAN IS HOME!! Bean the Pit was stolen, but now she is home safe and sound.

Ezra sez... Finally, somefing called Blue Ray wonned a format war.

Spirit sez... So Momma said we could quiz you guys and who ever know the answer to our movie question gets a bag of their favorite treats

Ezra sez... One of our favorite games wiff Momma is the Grabby Hands Game. Momma makes a claw hand and sez "Here comes the Creepy Mouse" and then we get to wrestle wiff her.

Spirit sez... If you can tell us what movie that line is from get treats!!!