Thursday, December 20, 2007


Spirit sez... We gots our Secret Paws gifts.

Ezra sez... There's no pictures of us opening the box, 'acause Momma sed we were being brats and blocking the shots
Spirit sez... But Momma did take some pictures in the offer room.

Ezra sez... Our card sed our Secret Paws were Abby and Boo!!
Spirit sez... Thanks guys... We luv the toys and the 'nip and the gras!!!!!!!!!
Ezra sez... We are obsessed with eating grass so this is the coolest thing ever!!!

Spirit and Ezra sez... Thanks again!! We luff it!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Not-So-Wordless Wednesday

Here's a video to tide you over util Momma can get off her lazy butt and BLOG!!

PS - Momma doesn't always sound like this

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

We are all here and alive and well. Our problem is, our Momma is LAZY!!!!! Just 'cause she has to workies all day then go to schools is no reason not to help us blog!! More soon...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Spirit sez... Sorry we haffent been around lately. We liff in Alabamar and we is haffing a major heat wave and drout. It's been about 105 efferyday and the humidity is around 75%. So we mostly just stay inside. Momma effen had to close our Kitty Window so the cold air wouldn't escape.

Ezra sez... We haff lots uff stories to tell you though. We got's treat from our furriend Monty Q. We got's new toys. And one day a tree behind our house gotted struck by lightning. It was furry scary. We'll be abck soon to giff you all the details

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Spirit sez... We know we haff not been furry good bloggers lately.

Ezra sez... So to makeup for it we are using this Thursday Thurteen to make up for it.

Spirit sez... We are posting 13 new pictures uff us!!

Ezra sez... So wiffout furrrthur ado...

1. Spirit sez... This is me playing on top uff our new scratchy post!
2. Ezra sez... This is my sissyfur being a glamour puss.
3. Spirit sez... This is me thinkin 'bout pouncing on Ezzy.

4. Ezra sez... This is Spirit. She can be such a toy hog.

5. Spirit sez... This is me in my pink house.

6. Ezra sez... This is me! I wanted to try out the pink house too!

7. Spirit sez... This is my annoying brofurr trying to put the bitey on me.

8. Ezra sez... This is me again. My momma sez we are spoiled rotten. What do you fink?

9. Spirit sez... This is a pickture uff me being cute. This is why Momma calls me Sweet Spirit Ann.

10. Ezra sez... This is a pickture of me putting the bitey on a vicious fevver ball!

11. Spirit sez... This is Ezzy hanging out in our Kitty Condo.

12. Ezzy sez... This is me jumping from the Kitty Condo to the dresser.

13. Spirit sez... OK. I admit it. He can be kinda cute sometimes!

14. Ezra sez... Here's a bonus pickture. This is our very own Fishie!!!! Momma got him for us. His name is not Geroge. His name is Sushi.

Spirit sez... We are not allowed to eat him though.

Ezra sez... We hope efurryone haz a great weekend!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Oh My Goodness!!

Spirit sez... Imagine how surrrrpised we were to check the bloggies today and see our good furriend Karen Jo ( had written Limericks for us!!

Ezra sez... It is so exciting. Mine is all about how I luff to play in my Blankie Fort and Spirit's is about how her luv for the fevver wand.

Spirit sez... Karen Jo even mentioned how I can jumps 3 feets in the air the catch the fevvers!

Ezra sez... Thank you so much for our wonderful limericks Karen Jo!!

Spirit sez... Momma promises to haff new picktures uff us soon.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Ezra sez... Awww man... We are in so much trouble!

Spirit sez... Don't look at me! I was trying to be good.

Ezra sez... OK. It all started a few days ago when Momma found ants in Sammy's room. So she spray icky bug killer. So she moved Sammy's cage into our bathroom!

Spirit sez... That's where our window is. Momma leaves it cracked with the blinds up so we can look out.

Ezra sez... Well now, we can't go in there until Sammy can go back to his room, so that means no window time.

Spirit sez... Momma likes to keep the windows in the bedroom cofurred in blankies with books on the windowsills so it's nice and dark while she sleeps.

Ezra sez... Well, yesterday, I figured I could wedge my way under the blankie, shove the books off, and look out the window. When Momma came home from workies she was NOT pleased.

Spirit sez... She fussed at us and put everything back like it supposed to be.

Ezra sez... So, last night, while Momma was sleeping, I decided to try again. Well, she woke up when all the books I knocked off landed on her head!

Spirit sez... Oops!

Ezra sez... So she put everything back and went and got tacks and made sure I couldn't get my head under the blankie anymore.

Spirit sez... So, Momma, thinking the problem is solved, goes back to bed. BUt Ezzy wasn't done yet.

Ezra sez... I jumped from the dresser up to the top of the canopy.

Spirit sez... Which is a serious NO-NO.

Ezra sez... Momma jumps up, grabs the water bottle, looks up on the canopy and sprays me dead in the face.

Spirit sez... Twice!

Ezra sez... She dragged me down and made it so I couldn't jump up there anymore.

Spirit sez... But she did open a different window for us, so we can look out.

Ezra sez... Sorry I knocked books on your face and climed on the canopy. I luff you.

(Note from Momma - I love him too. He was just going a little stir crazy. Between Sammy's room, the bathroom, and the kitchen being off limits that anly leaves the bedroom and the den, but the stay in the bedroom (which is fairly large) while I'm at work and while we sleep. I guess this means I need to buy them more toys! Lots of pictures coming soon!)

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Spirit sez... Momma finally decided to get off her tushie and let us blog. We are furry excited about this.

Ezra sez... She's always tired after going to workies all day. I tolded her to stay home wiff us and we wood snuggle up and take a nap. But did you know that workies is where the Stinky Goodness comes from!!! She said that if she didn't go to workies we wouldn't get any more Stinky Goodness.

Spirit sez... Also, Momma said to let efurryone kno that the baby woofies are doing well in their new home. She thought it was furry cool that one of the woofies had the same name of our furriend Mr. Hendrix.

Ezra sez... Momma always names her babies after Bean Rock Stars. There's our big sissyfur Garcia, our big brofurr Dylan, and me Ezra! I'm nameded after one of Momma's favurite bands, Better Than Ezra!

Spirit sez... When Momma 'dopted us from the bad place, I was already named Spirit and Momma decided it wouldn't be nice to change my name 'cause I was already 1 year old. But, the people at the bad place called Ezzy 'Little' and Momma thought he deserved a better name.

Ezra sez... Momma's also had babies nameded Elvis, Dolly, Cher, and Blondie.

Spirit sez... How did efurrybody out there get their names?

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Letter to Momma

Ezra sez... Look Momma... You rollded over and putted you head next to mine at 2 in the dark. So don't fuss at me when I lick your eyelids and purr like a Mac truck in you ear. If you don't want snuggles, keep your head on your own pillow. That is all. I luff you.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Spirit sez... We're furry excited the Lilly Lu is on her way to getting all better. Momma sez it can be furry scary to haff one your babies get sickly. So, we're gonna keep our bloggie pink till she all better.

Ezra sez... We tolded y'all about the baby woofies that were staying wiff us recently. Well they haded to go away. Momma said she haz more babies than she can pays for, so the baby woffies went to a new furrever home. Here are some picktures Momma tooked before they left...

Ezra sez... This is Skynard

Sprit sez... And this is Hendrix.

Ezra sez... Also Momma gotted a new Flashy Box so now yuo can what we really look like!!

Spirit sez... See how purty I am? I'm a Blue Tuxedo.

Ezra sez... And I'm a handsome tabby boy, but I'm wearing my t-shirt in this picture so you can't see my furs. Spirit sez I look pudgy in this pickture, but Momma sez it's just my baby fat. What do you think?

Ezra sez... Momma said to tell y'all that we eat out of the cans, casue we can neffer wait till she gets the food into the bowl and it's easier to clean up after us this way.

Spirit sez... We hope everyone's haffing a good week. Here's a pickture Momma found and thought was funny!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

GET WELL SOON LILLY LU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE RED SOX NEED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007


Spirit sez... We haff not been furry good bloggers. Our Momma has been furry busy with workies and her school stuffs, se we hafn't had time to blog! But, lots of stuff haffs happened!

Ezra sez... About a monff ago, two baby woofies showed up at our house. Momma saided a bad person probably threw them out. I went outside on my leash to visit them, but them tried to climb on me and I gots scared and Momma hadded to pick me up.

Spirit sez... Also, Ezzy got sick again. He has Kennel Cough, from the bad place. The V-E-T gafe him sum medeesin and now he's all better!

Ezra sez... We'll get some new picktures and start blogging regular real soon!

Spirit sez... Purrs and Kisses to all those who missed us!

Ezra sez... And a special purr and kiss to my sweet gurlfrind Tiramisu!

Monday, February 26, 2007


Ezra sez...We wanna play the queskion game!

Spirit sez... Since there's so many queskions and two uff us, we'll share. Ezzy's anskers will be in BLUE and mine will be in PURPLE.

A) Four places I have lived:

1. The Scary Place
2. Wiff my Furreffer Momma
3. At the Pound
4. Wiff Momma in Alabama

B) Four things I love to watch:

1. TV
2. My woofie brofurr Koko out the window
3. My Fevver Wand
4. Momma while she dries her fur wiff the evil blowie machine

C) Four places I have been outside my home:

1. The Pound
2. The Yard
3. The Vet
4. The Car

D) Four websites I visit daily:

1. Max
2. Kukka-Maria
3. Skeezix
4. Daisy

E) Four of my favorite foods:

1. Stinky Goodness
2. Ice Cream
3. Temytations
4. Tomato Soup

F) Four places I would rather be right now:

1. Wiff Momma
2. In the Yard
3. In the Windowsill
4. On my Pillow

G) Four toys I have owned and played with:

1. My Ball Chase
2. My Pink Mousie
3. My Fevver Wand
4. My offur Fevver Wand

H) Four nicknames my staff have tried to assign me:

1. Ezzy Merrezzi
2. Little Manzer
3. Sweet Angel
4. Princess Poots-a-lot

I) Regarding Catnip:

Love it
It's nice
Could take it or leave it
Don't like it or can't have it

J) Regarding Cat Grass:

Love it
It's nice
Could take it or leave it
Don't like it or can't have it

K) First four things I'd buy after winning the lottery:

1. Homes fur all the offur Kitties, and Woofies, and Ratties, and Scalies, and Fevveries at the Pound
2. A lifetiem supply of Ice Cream
3. A new Heart for Pixie and cures fur all the offur sick kitties
4. Tons of Fevver Wands

L) Four things I do besides eat, sleep, and litterbox:

1. Run around like my butt's on fire
2. Bite Momma's fingers
3. Look out the Window
4. Smell Momma's shoes

M) Four things I want to do this summer:

1. Go for lots walks
2. Get the ball out of the Ball Chase
3. Get brave enuff to go Outside
4. Nap under the Blankie wiff Momma

N) My four most prized possessions that have limited value to anyone else:

1. My Blankie Fort
2. My Streamers
3. My Ribbon
4. My Hair Band

O) What I’m going to do before tomorrow is over:

Ezzy: Sleep, get in trouble, and bite Momma's fingers

Spirit: Sleep, eat, and beg for more Stinky Goodness

P) Which of the following is your favorite place to hide and play?

Paper bags
Plastic bags
Other (please describe)

Q) Four other "pets" your staff have kept with you:

1. Our Hammy Brofurr Sammy
2. Our Woofie Brofurr Koko
3. Our Kittie Brofurr Dylan
4. Our Kittie Sissyfur Cici

R) Four furiends I tag to respond:

Anyone who hasn't played yet!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Spirit sez... We're furry sorry we haffint posted in a while, but Momma hasn't been willing to help us.

Ezra sez... She's still feeling a little sickly

Spirit sez... Since we aren't to good at showing our tummies we decied to come up with a new Twosday catigory.

Ezra sez... It's Troublemaker Tuesday!

Spirit sez... Which means it's about you.

Ezra sez... Meanie. Don't make me tell efurrybody yur nickname

Spirit sez... Don't you dare!!!

Ezra sez... Here are sum picktures of me getting into mischif.

Spirit sez... Ezzy has a problem wiff his harness. The center chest peace

keeps sliding around and ends up by his shoulder and he can't walk. Can anyone help us solf this problem?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Furrteen

Ezra sez... Today's Thursday Furrteen is all about me!!!
Spirit sez... I'm still here, but Ezzy was just so excited about his big day the other day that I told him he could have the hole Thursday Furrteen all to himself.
Ezra sez... So today's Thurday Furrteen is...
Furrteen Things I Did Tuesday

1. I went out on my leash and gotted to go out of the yard

2. I sniffed a bush and it smelled like a Woofie.

Momma sez it's my woofie brofurr Koko. He wasn't outside when I was, but I smelled him. This is what he looks like.

3. I hided under a bush and pretended I was a Wild Kittie

4. I almost got pounced by my brofurr Dylan

But I saw him in time.

5. After my walk, I went inside and took a nap
6. When I woke up, I putted the bitey on my sissyfur.

7. Then I put the bitey on a vicious fevver ball

8. Then I was so excited, I assidently put the bitey on Momma

9. Then I watched TV for awhile.

10. Then I chased the red dot until it runned away.

11. Then I hid in my blankie fort.

Can you see me?

12. Then I played in my cubies.

13. Then I went to bed.

Ezra sez... See! It was the most exciting day evver!!!

Spirit sez... We hope efurryone had a sooper Valentines Day full of Stinky Goodness, Tempytations, and lots o' ear skritchies.