Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Spirit sez... We're furry excited the Lilly Lu is on her way to getting all better. Momma sez it can be furry scary to haff one your babies get sickly. So, we're gonna keep our bloggie pink till she all better.

Ezra sez... We tolded y'all about the baby woofies that were staying wiff us recently. Well they haded to go away. Momma said she haz more babies than she can pays for, so the baby woffies went to a new furrever home. Here are some picktures Momma tooked before they left...

Ezra sez... This is Skynard

Sprit sez... And this is Hendrix.

Ezra sez... Also Momma gotted a new Flashy Box so now yuo can what we really look like!!

Spirit sez... See how purty I am? I'm a Blue Tuxedo.

Ezra sez... And I'm a handsome tabby boy, but I'm wearing my t-shirt in this picture so you can't see my furs. Spirit sez I look pudgy in this pickture, but Momma sez it's just my baby fat. What do you think?

Ezra sez... Momma said to tell y'all that we eat out of the cans, casue we can neffer wait till she gets the food into the bowl and it's easier to clean up after us this way.

Spirit sez... We hope everyone's haffing a good week. Here's a pickture Momma found and thought was funny!


William said...

Great photos! Spirit, you are very pretty and Ezra, you are a handsome boy.

Forty Paws said...

We don't think you look pudgy in your t-shirt. Very kyoot.

Luf, Us

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

hi! i'm so excited one of the mini woofies and i share the same name. that rocks!
i think you look very nice in your t-shirt!