Friday, June 22, 2007


Ezra sez... Awww man... We are in so much trouble!

Spirit sez... Don't look at me! I was trying to be good.

Ezra sez... OK. It all started a few days ago when Momma found ants in Sammy's room. So she spray icky bug killer. So she moved Sammy's cage into our bathroom!

Spirit sez... That's where our window is. Momma leaves it cracked with the blinds up so we can look out.

Ezra sez... Well now, we can't go in there until Sammy can go back to his room, so that means no window time.

Spirit sez... Momma likes to keep the windows in the bedroom cofurred in blankies with books on the windowsills so it's nice and dark while she sleeps.

Ezra sez... Well, yesterday, I figured I could wedge my way under the blankie, shove the books off, and look out the window. When Momma came home from workies she was NOT pleased.

Spirit sez... She fussed at us and put everything back like it supposed to be.

Ezra sez... So, last night, while Momma was sleeping, I decided to try again. Well, she woke up when all the books I knocked off landed on her head!

Spirit sez... Oops!

Ezra sez... So she put everything back and went and got tacks and made sure I couldn't get my head under the blankie anymore.

Spirit sez... So, Momma, thinking the problem is solved, goes back to bed. BUt Ezzy wasn't done yet.

Ezra sez... I jumped from the dresser up to the top of the canopy.

Spirit sez... Which is a serious NO-NO.

Ezra sez... Momma jumps up, grabs the water bottle, looks up on the canopy and sprays me dead in the face.

Spirit sez... Twice!

Ezra sez... She dragged me down and made it so I couldn't jump up there anymore.

Spirit sez... But she did open a different window for us, so we can look out.

Ezra sez... Sorry I knocked books on your face and climed on the canopy. I luff you.

(Note from Momma - I love him too. He was just going a little stir crazy. Between Sammy's room, the bathroom, and the kitchen being off limits that anly leaves the bedroom and the den, but the stay in the bedroom (which is fairly large) while I'm at work and while we sleep. I guess this means I need to buy them more toys! Lots of pictures coming soon!)


Karen Jo said...

You had quite an adventure, Ezra. I'm glad your Mom didn't stay mad at you and found you a window to look out. It's a pain being cooped up because of icky bug spray.

Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

Your Momma could try putting heavy curtains over the windows. That way you can slip in between the window and the curtain and look out, without (much) light sneaking in to bother her. That is what the Food Source does. Towels would work as well, and might be cheaper.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi! I love your limmericks guys. it sounds to me like your mommy was askin for it. No windows to look out of. Jeez, that is like, torture! But on the plus side, you get lotsa new toys!!!!!!!!!!