Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Furrteen

Ezra sez... Today's Thursday Furrteen is all about me!!!
Spirit sez... I'm still here, but Ezzy was just so excited about his big day the other day that I told him he could have the hole Thursday Furrteen all to himself.
Ezra sez... So today's Thurday Furrteen is...
Furrteen Things I Did Tuesday

1. I went out on my leash and gotted to go out of the yard

2. I sniffed a bush and it smelled like a Woofie.

Momma sez it's my woofie brofurr Koko. He wasn't outside when I was, but I smelled him. This is what he looks like.

3. I hided under a bush and pretended I was a Wild Kittie

4. I almost got pounced by my brofurr Dylan

But I saw him in time.

5. After my walk, I went inside and took a nap
6. When I woke up, I putted the bitey on my sissyfur.

7. Then I put the bitey on a vicious fevver ball

8. Then I was so excited, I assidently put the bitey on Momma

9. Then I watched TV for awhile.

10. Then I chased the red dot until it runned away.

11. Then I hid in my blankie fort.

Can you see me?

12. Then I played in my cubies.

13. Then I went to bed.

Ezra sez... See! It was the most exciting day evver!!!

Spirit sez... We hope efurryone had a sooper Valentines Day full of Stinky Goodness, Tempytations, and lots o' ear skritchies.


Cecilia & The 2Bs said...

Oh my goodness! Ezra you are right, that was a very exciting day. It makes us sleepy just reading about it.

Happy Valentines day.

Daisy said...

Ezra, what a great day you had!!! Sometimes, when I get too excited, I "accidentally" put the bitey on my Mommie too. I like yer harness!

DaisyMae Maus said...

That WAS a furry exciting day. You probably had more fun than any cat has ever had EVER!

Brach said...

I don't have a leash and I'm not allowed outside without one. Crap deal.

My mom once bought a leash for Kukka, but when she went outside, she just flopped on her side in the dirt, so mom gave up on the idea.

And I'm punished for that?! I want a leash!

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

Oh We like the Wild Kittie Adventures! We have azalea bushes to hide under! But right now that nap is looking pretty good!

Hello from Bad Kitty Cats!!

Riot and all those "other" cats

Anonymous said...

Thank You for visiting my blog.So sorry about Cher.I'm going to ask for the titer test.Thanks for your post it helped alot :)