Friday, February 02, 2007

Ezra sez... Spirit what are doing?

Spirit sez... I'm thinking 'bout someone.... I'm mean something! I'm thinking about something!

Ezra sez... Who are you thinking about? Is at a boy?!

Spirit sez... I'f you must know. It's the handsomest kitty on the web.

Ezra sez... Who? He better be a nice kitty or I'll beated him up.

Spirit sez... He's the nicest kitty effur.... What do you mean you'll beat him up. You got your tail whooped by a toy mousie the other day.

Ezra sez... Hey! That was a very tough mousie!

Spirit sez.. Whatever

Ezra sez... So anyway, who is this boy that has you twitterpated?

Spirit sez... If you must know, it's Brach Lee.

Ezra sez... Kukka Maria's brother? He's alright I guess.

Spirit sez... I think he's the bestest.

Ezra sez... Is he gonna be your Balentine?

Spirit sez... It's Valentine. And I don't know. I'm sure he has lotsa girl kitties who want to be his Valentine.

Ezra sez... Well He should pick you. You're the best big sister I have.

Spirit sez... I'm the only big sister you have.

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