Thursday, February 08, 2007

Spirit sez... Since we're still ne to the bloggy world, we thought we'd use today's Thursday Furrteen to tell you more about us.

Ezra sez... We've only lived wiff our furrever Momma for 1 month so there's still a lot fur us to learn bout each ovfurr.

Thursday Furrteen

Thirteen NEW Things About Us

1. Spirit sez... I won't sleep on the sheets on the bed. I have to be on top of a blanket.

2. Ezra sez... I'm furrever trying to get on the No Kitties Allowed table, but Momma always catches me.

3. Spirit sez... I love the Human Litterbox. I has to watch the water go swirly.

4. Ezra sez... I like to watch movies wiff my Momma. I sit in front of the TV and watch till my neck get tired. Then I lay on the bed and watch.

5. Spirit sez... We haff a BIG broffur named Dylan, but I'm scared of him. He's really big.

6. Ezra sez... I assidently bit my Hammy broffur. Momma yelled at me. But, he tasted kinda good.

7. Spirit sez... We haff a fishie tank, but there are no fishies in it. Momma sez we might sum soon though.

8. Ezra sez... We haff a woofie brofurr named Koko, but he stays Outside.

9. Spirit sez... I luv curling up next to Momma's tummy and going to sleep while she rubs my earsies.

10. Ezra sez... I luv to sleep on Momma's chest. She sez she can't breev when I do, but I think she's just kidding.

11. Spirit sez... When Momma gets home from workies, we get so excited and we both haff to run and uze the Scratchy Post.

12. Ezra sez... Sometimes, if I'm good, Momma lets me put on my harness and go Outside! I like to climb into the bushes.

13. Spirit sez... I don't like Outside. There's to much weird stuff going on.

Spirit sez... I'm really excited Brach saided he wood be my Valentine! I picked out a dress to wear. I relly hope we get to go to the party!

Ezra sez... Momma, if yur reading this... Don't forget to fix the buzzy box!!


Daisy said...

Spirit & Ezra: I like learning new things about you. I like to run over to the scratchy post when I get excited too! I hope we see you at the party!

Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

Great TT list. Daddy tries to get on to us when we get on the table also, but Mommie gets on to him. She tells him as long as we are not eating it won't hurt...Hehehe

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

I look forwerd to meeting yoo at the party -- grate list! My list is up!

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Ezra, I think yoo need to hook up with Tiramisu!!!! She's looking for a valentine, and she's yung and byootiful!!!

The Meezers said...

That was a great TT!! I likes the swirlies in the Human Litter box too, and neifurr one of us likes to go outside.

Brach said...

I don't know if I'll be able to go to the party, mom is reluctant to let me go on actual dates.

I'm going to work on her, though.

Great TT! Scratchy kisses!

Eclair said...

Hi Ezra. My sistur Tiramisu is lookin for a valentine. Skeezix tole me yoo mite mayk a gud match for her. She's kind of a feyestee thing sumtimes and she reely likes to rassel and swat. She's pritee kyoot too.

I'd bettur go chek on her, I kin heer her gittin inta trubul rite now.