Thursday, February 01, 2007

Spirit sez... Good Morning effurbody!

Our Momma decideded we could join the world of kitty bloggers like Skeezix and Kukka Maria ...

Ezra sez... I love Kukka Maria!!

Spirit sez... Anyway... Our names are Spirit and Ezra. We are 2 kitties who were rescued from the pound by our furrever Momma. This is me...

Ezra sez... And dis is me!!

Ezra sez... I'm playing in my Blankie Fort!!

Spirit sez... You are so immature! Anyway since we are new, we thought we'd do a Thursday Firteen and tell you about us!


Furteen things about us!

  1. Ezra sez... Momma actually wanted me first! She went to rescue and saw Spirit and decided to get us both instead.
  2. Spirit sez... I'm a Blue Tuxedo and efurrbody sez how gorjus I am.
  3. Ezra sez... I love my Momma's fingers. I can bitey and bitey on them for hours and she neffer gets angry.
  4. Spirit sez... I love my fevver wand more than anything. I can jumps almost 3 feet in the air to catch the fevvers.
  5. Ezra sez... I love to play in Blankie Forts. As soon as Momma lifts up the blankets, I run in as fast as I can.
  6. Spirit sez... I love to lick my Momma's forehead and eyelids. I don't know why, but i just can't stop!
  7. Ezra sez... Spirit can fart poison when she's mad and it's funky!!!
  8. Spirit sez... I don't like to use the litterbox unless it gets scooped twice a day. And I don't fart that much!!
  9. Ezra sez... I like to lick our hamsker brother Sammy. I haven't ever bited him though...yet.
  10. Spirit sez... I hate when Momma uses the evil air blower machine to dry her fur. I hide when it's on.
  11. Ezra sez... I'm very tenacious. When I want something I keep trying and trying till I gets it.
  12. Spirit sez... Ezra is really just stubborn, He never listens when Momma tells him NO!
  13. Ezra sez... I am named after Momma's favorite band "Better than Ezra" efen though she sez it doesn't mean they're better than me. She just like the name.

We are so excited to be part of the Kitty Blogger World!!

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Kelly Cat said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! Looking forward to hearing more from the two of you.

(Spriti's awfully cute, and I like Ezra better than Better Than Ezra...)