Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I Caughted It!

Spirit sez... I caughted my fevver wand! I tried and tried and I finally caughted it!
First I watched it as it flew around the room.

Then... when it landed I very carefully snuck up on it.

Finally I was able to jump and catch it before it flewed away.

After that I was very tired...So I took a nap

Ezra sez... A lot of purries haff invited us to the Valentine Party. Momma said she'll try to help us be there. She said the buzzy box what makes the computer work gotted hit by Lightning. I don't know who Lightning is, but he shouldn't be hitting other purries buzzy boxes. Momma said she's getting a new one Friday after workie. That's about 52 basquillion sleeps away though! Right now she has to help us and putted out stories up from her workie computer. So if we don't make it to the Party, it cause Momma couldn't fix the buzzy box, not cause we don't like y'all. Cause we do! Like you that is.

***Note from Momma: The "buzzy box" is the modem. does any Mommas or Daddies know if it is hard to install a modem. Can I do it myself? Or will I have to take the computer to a repair center?


Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

Hope you can get the puter fixed, we used to install modems in our old puter. Now we have a different one, and don't know if we could change it or not.

Mia and Ghost said...

I don't think installing modem is very difficult. All you should have to do (I'm assuming both are internal modems) is take off cover, locate & remove old modem from slot then insert new one into same slot. I'll be glad to try to answer any questions you might have if you want to email at mia_and_ghost@yahoo.com

Jen (AKA Mia & Ghost's Mom)

Daisy said...

Spirit, you are a very great hunter!

Karen Jo said...

Good job on catching those feathers, Spirit.