Friday, February 09, 2007

Fashion Show Friday

Spirit sez... This is our first attempt at wearing cute clothes like Daisy and Skeezix.

Ezra sez... It was a little scary but I think it might be OK

Spirit sez... If we get to come to the party tonite we'll wear our outfits!!

Ezra sez... Even if Momma does get the buzzy box what makes the puter work fixed, she said I might not get to go. I kinda got in truble last night. But she doesn't want me to miss my first party either.

Spirit sez... Why don't you tell them why yur in truble.

Ezra sez... I kinda sorta assidently bit our hamsker brofurr. But he was Ok!

Spirit sez... Momma was angry! Here's how it went down...

Momma brought Sammy, our hamsker brofurr, in his ball to our bedroom.

He was rolling all ovur the place. Ezzy was all twitterpated and couldn't figure out what Sammy was.

Sammy got stuck in a corner and Ezzy was sniff, sniff, sniffing and trying to roll Sammy's ball.

Then Momma got Sammy out of his ball and let us meet him. I said hello, but I wasn't that cureus. Ezzy jumped up and sinffed. Momma had Sammy in her hands. Momma was a little afeared Ezzy would eat Sammy, but she let him sniff and lick him. Then Ezzy got a little to excited and bit Sammy's neck. Momma swatted Ezzy and took Sammy back to his cage. Sammy was fine, but Momma sez Ezzy was a bad boy for trying to eat his brofurr.

Ezra sez... I didn't mean too! I just got carried away. He smelled so good. But, I apposed to tell Sammy I'm sorry. So, Sammy, I sorry I put the bitey on you and scared you. I hope we can still be furriends.

Spirit sez... We hope to see efurryone at the Party tonite!

Ezra sez... PeeSss - I asked the beeyootiful Tiramisu to be my Valentine. I hope she sez Yes. I maded this for her cause I think she looks like a Pwincess.


Daisy said...

Oh Spirit and Ezra, you look so great in your outfits, you HAVE To go to the party! It was an accident that yer teeth got around the hamster's neck. That is a very common mistake.

ps: I hope Tira says Yes! That is a cute valentine you made.

Junior said...

I hope Tira says yes! You would make a great couple!

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

I'm krossing my toze and hoping Tira sez yes: how cood she not????

DaisyMae Maus said...

Love the outfits ... They're very fetching with your fur. Your hammy looks furry delicious. You showed great restraint when you didn't taste him more "deeply."

Tiramisu said...

YES!!!!!! Oh thankew Ezra, I wood luv to be yer valentine!! Thankew for the beeyooteeful valentime. Yoo are my prinse!

Yer bruffur Sammy is varee kyoot, I'm glad yoo dint put the bitey on him too hard, but yoo kin put the bitey on me win we rassul. >^.^<