Monday, February 12, 2007


Ezra sez... I wanna be a big Man Cat when I grow up so I can impress my specshul furriend Tira. This is me and my Momma. I'm tryin to be a big Man Cat. She sez I'm plenty big 'cause when I lay on her chest she can't breaff.

This is my big brofurr Dylan. He's a BIG Man Cat. Momma sez he ways 16 pounds. That's two mees! I want to be juss like him when I grow up.

Spirit sez... Since Ezra gets Man Cat Monday all to himself, Momma decided I should get a day to myself. It's Spoiled Girl Sunday. So here is a picture of me on my special pillow. It has leopard print on it. It goes flat on Momma's bed. Behind it is a furry pillow and there's a regular pillow beside it so I don't have to lean against the headboard or worry bout fallin off the bed while I sleep.

Spirit sez... We're sooper sorry we didn't make it to the party. We're glad efurryone seemed to haff a good time. Skeezix... I'm glad you finally gotted a kiss frum Daisy!


Daisy said...

Spoiled Girl Sunday... I like the sound of that! Spirit, you look lovely on your leopard print!

ps: I had FUN kissing Skeezix!

Spirit and Ezra said...

Spirit sez... You should post a Spoiled Girl Sunday pickture too Daisy! So shud Pixie!

I hear you almost gave Skeezix a heart attack with that kiss. I need to get lessons on how to make boys crazy so I can drive Brach wild!

Karen Jo said...

Ezra, you look like you are well on your way to being a big Man Cat. Spirit, you look lovely on your leopard pring pillow. Dylan is definitely a big Man Cat. Look at those paws!

The Meezers said...

Spirit and Ezra - fanks for bisiting us. Tell your mommy that we will have "total werld domanayshun" and King Miles stuff in our store this week!!!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi! I think Spoiled Girl Sunday is a great idea! ha ha ha Wow Ezra, you are on your way to being a good big man cat. It sounds like Dylan is already there! Big paws buddy.

Anonymous said...

Spirit and Ezra,

Thanks for visiting my blog and the
valentine.Drop by anytime and Have a very Happy Valentine's Day